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FAMAR is from 35 years
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quality in

metal surfaces treatments.


Over 35 years of research and know-how.

Parma, early 80s: the Famar project was born gathering together the experience of the partners in a single production facility, a company dedicated to the development of anti-corrosive treatments for metals. Vocation is immediately clear: research and applications especially in the field of automatic machines for the Food industry, Pharmaceutical, Packaging and Bottling. Famar develops its know-how constituting a research group electroplating and, in collaboration leaders in surface treatments, perfect treatment to electroless nickel (Kanigen, technology imported from America in the '70s), and PVD (Physical Vapor Depositon , born from the Russian military research). This is how products with exceptional features - uniformity, adhesion, hardness, non-toxicity and aesthetics - which Famar consolidates its market and its customers.

The last decade has seen the company grow steadily, and better meet customer needs, even the most specific ones.
Today, with 10000 square meters of which 3800 covered, the seat Famar develops in the industrial area of Parma,easily reachable from the main communication hubs. The structure is composed by home direction, administrative and sales offices, research and development laboratories and production units; Here they are born and implement the projects that have made the company, since 1981, starring in a steady and sound development, with specialization and professionalism recognized throughout the national market.